• Running Free Counts

    Start a Quick Count
    Running a Quick Count is the fastest way to jump into the Portal and identify your ideal prospect. After selecting your Database, Campaign Type, & Select Type you will be taken to the Count Builder where you will proceed to filter your target audience.
    1. Click "Quick Count" on top right toolbar
    2. Select the "Real Property" Database to query.
      There are multiple databases in the Portal. Choose the database that most accurately represents your offering or service. Business database for B2B data, Consumer database for Consumer data, Mortgage Database for Mortgage data, & New Mover Database for New Mover/Homeowner data.
    3. Select your Campaign Type.
      There are a few different campaign selections in the Portal including Direct Mail and Telemarketing. Choose the Campaign Type according to what you plan to use the data for. We like Direct Mail, allows for a larger list of lead and includes phone numbers (W.A)
    4. Set your Select Type
      This tab allows you to select records by One Per Business, One Per Household, or One Per Individual. Select the option that best suits your marketing needs.
    5. Click Go!
    You can also run a count in the Databases Section
    • On the Top of the Databases page, you can use the count drop down options
    • Or, under My Databases , click Count on the specific Database you wish to run a count on

  • Choosing Target Locations

    Selecting the Absentee Owner (OMIT STATE) Filter:
    1. In The GEOGRAPHY tab we set the Out Of State Absentee Owner (OMIT STATE) 
    2. Click on STATE tab and enter the state you DON'T want the owners to live in
    3. Select the state, then click on the OMIT button to not included owner who live in that state

Choosing Zip Code Targeting

Selecting the location of the subject property by zip code range of (texas)

  1. In The GEOGRAPHY tab look for the "PROPERTY SCF & PROPERTY ZIPCODE" (these are the filters that control the location of the subject properties)
  2. This is where we set the target location of the subject properties (using zipcode range)
  3. We have two option, we can target properties by Metro City or Zip code (RANGE). Quick Tip (Zip Code Range is the best way to target)
  4. Once you have entered the zip code range, click on the ADD button to add this range to your list builder. 

  • Choosing Nationwide Property Owners

    Select Nationwide Absentee Owners
    1. NEXT, In The GEOGRAPHY tab scroll down to the NATIONWIDE tab, this is where we tell the system to look for absentee owners nationwide (out of your selected state)
    2. Click on the ADD button to add to the list builder

  • Choosing Single/Multi Family Units

    Select Property Type
    1. NEXT, In The "PROPERTY INFO" tab scroll down to the LAND USE TYPE tab, this is where we select the property types, for single family units type in SF, 
    2. Click on SFR and click the add button
    3. Once you've added the single family units you can now type in MU this will bring up the multi family units
    4. NEXT, type in MU, you'll see "MULTI FAMILY DWELLING," 
    5. Select it and press the ADD Button

Choosing Equity Types

Select Property LTV Equity
  2. Click on the "LOAN TO VALUE" tab
  3. Any LTV "UNDER 20" means Free & Clear
  4. Any LTV "90+" means Upside Down
  5. Any LTV from "60-64 up to 80-89" means Low Equity
  6. Any LTV from "40-44 down to 20-24" means High Equity
  7. Hold down the control or command key to Add or Omit multiple options.
  8. Select it and press the ADD Button

  • Choosing Absentee Owner Filter

    Select (OPTIONAL)
    1. NEXT, In The "PROPERTY" tab
    2. Click on the "Absentee Owner" tab to the left of screen
    3. Now click on the "Absentee Owner" filter in the box
    4. Click the ADD Button

Confirm Criteria Via The List Builder  

Confirm Criteria
  1. Click Place Count button to view results
  2. The Count Results pop-up box will appear and display the Database, Count Reference Number, and Available Records
  3. If you’d like to revise your count, click the Revise button
  4. If you want to save your count, type in a name for it in the Name Your Count Below field
  5. Click Save Count

  • Ordering Records

    Placing your Order
    1. After saving your count, the Order Count pop-up box will appear
    2. Type in the number of records you’d like to order from your Record Balance (no commas)
    3. Click Order Records
    4. After you place your order, you’ll be directed to the Job View page.
    5. Click the Refresh button anytime to check on the status of the order
    6. When the order is available, the Download button will appear in place of the Refresh button
    Downloading your Order
    1. Before clicking Download make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off.
    2. Click Download to access your order.
    3. Unzip the file and open the .csv output file to access your records
    4. You can go to the Lists section to download, edit, or delete any of the orders you have placed.
    Note: Pop-Up Blocker may interfere with downloading files. Please disable before downloading.

  • Running Suppressions

    Suppress vs. Previous Orders
    1. When you are running a count, you can suppress it vs. previous orders by clicking the Suppression Tab (next to Details Tab).
    2. Click the box next to the order(s) you wish to suppress against. If you wish to suppress against all previous orders, simply click the button in the first row/column.
    3. When you place your count, the results will reflect the total unique quantity
    *if you have external files that you want to suppress against in the portal, please contact your list specialist at
  • Ordering Credits

    Purchasing Credits To Download Lists
    1. Click on the "Support Tab" to the left of the screen

    1. In the "Contact BOX" to the right, fill out the form with your information
    2. In the Message Field, just type " I NEED CREDITS"

    1. Once we receive your request for credits, we'll then send you over our credits packages and payment link
    2. After you have purchase your credits, please allow up to 20mins for your credits to appear in your account.
    3. You'll receive an email once your account has been credited.