Highly Distressed Owner Occupied Motivated Sellers

What Are They?
Our High Distressed Owner Occupied Property List will enable you to market directly to borrowers who are 62 years old and older and have an LTV (Loan To Value) of 90+% or more on their home mortgage loan, meaning these owners are upside down, under water on their mortgage. Below, you'll find the current filter criteria we use to produce these leads via the profliplist platform.   

Here are a few of the selects we use to pull the leads:                                                              
  • Age 60+ 
  • Low Income
  • Credit score under 545 
  • LTV +90% & Over (Loan to Value) (Upside down) 
  • Owner Occupied Single Family Home or Multi Family 1-4 Units 
  • Many other selects available.

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